Toyota Prius Takes Out Dodge Charger Minnesota Police Car

Nov 9, 2023 2 min read
Toyota Prius Takes Out Dodge Charger Minnesota Police Car

This is what happens when you defund the police!

When selecting a getaway vehicle, nobody in their right mind would choose a Toyota Prius. Yeah, Toyota ran that dumb commercial back in the day showing the bank robbers getting great gas mileage as they led police on a chase across the nation, but who does that? Apparently, someone in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota did and the results are absolutely hilarious, but not for the reasons we would assume. It was the police who looked hapless, making us think this suspect is one of the better wheelmen out there.

Back on March 22 at about 2:30 pm, Champlin Police say an officer spotted a speeding Toyota Prius. Now, we’ve come across these people who drive a Prius like it’s some sort of race car, which kind of defeats the purpose of owning the hybrid. Who knows why they do it, but it’s better than the Prius drivers who go slow in the left lane. Anyway, the driver wouldn’t pull over and so the chase was on.

You can see in the hilarious video the Prius blasts into an intersection driving on the left side of the road since traffic was stopped. Thankfully, it didn’t get T-boned by cross traffic, but the police Dodge Charger tries to PIT it twice, pushing the hybrid into the median slightly. However, the Toyota slips away without spinning out. I’m guessing with all that defunding of the police Minnesota and other places were doing a couple of years ago, cops weren’t getting enough training on how to properly PIT suspects’ cars.

But wait, it gets even worse. On the highway, the cop in the Charger tries to PIT the Prius in the sogging wet median as a Ford Explorer police cruiser also gets in on the action. Somehow the Toyota slips out of those maneuvers as well, and while it sustained quite a bit of damage on the passenger side, the little hybrid hatchback just keeps going.

The Dodge Charger was reportedly disabled at that point – we’re not sure why but it was done with the pursuit. Unfortunately for the guy in the Prius, the Ford was still on his tail. Further down the road, as the Toyota driver was navigating a turn the hybrid car spun out and hit the guardrail. That’s when the guy decided his fuel-saving flight was over, so he jumped out and ran into the soggy woods. However, the cop in the Explorer had his K9, which he released, bringing the foot chase to an abrupt halt.

This is probably the first and only time a Toyota Prius has beat a Dodge Charger at anything other than fuel economy and it’s hilarious. Check out the video of the chase for yourself.

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