Artist Turns Pontiac GTO Judge Into A Lowrider

Sep 26, 2021 2 min read
Artist Turns Pontiac GTO Judge Into A Lowrider

This is difficult to look at…

One of the latest trends is for digital artists to turn their skills loose on classic muscle cars, posting the results to Instagram. We know not everyone enjoys the creativity of these guys, although sometimes they turn out something most enthusiasts seem to genuinely like. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure this lowrider 1970 Pontiac GTO Judge isn’t going to make most of you happy. Honestly, it’s certain we’re skipping dinner tonight after staring at this rendering.

image credit: Instagram

The GTO Judge is one of the most beloved classic GM muscle cars. Released at the height of the horsepower wars, it represented undeniably cool styling and hard-hitting performance. For many, what this artist has done is absolutely ruin all that.

In the renderings, this Pontiac sits about a hair’s breadth off the ground. We’re pretty sure if there was a pebble on the road it would do some damage to the muscle car. Adding to the ridiculous stance are big fender flares with Porsche-style turbofan wheels which protrude far beyond the low-profile tires.

Just about as eye-catching are the chrome velocity stacks rising well above the hood and almost reaching the roofline.

image credit: Instagram

What’s weird about this rendering is the artist says this is a 1970, but the front end looks more like a 1969. Go figure. LED halo headlights like you see on modern Mopars have been added, something we expect GM fans to absolutely hate.

It seems like this guy is fully expecting to get torched in the comments on his post. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if at this point he’s trolling people and doing exactly what he thinks enthusiasts won’t like. A quick scroll through the comments show most aren’t fans of the aesthetics of this versus the classic Pontiac GTO Judge, which doesn’t surprise us one bit.

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