Insane Restomod 1966 Chevelle Is A Corner Carving Monster

Sep 25, 2021 2 min read
Insane Restomod 1966 Chevelle Is A Corner Carving Monster

This build is insane!

One of the most popular classic muscle cars ever built is the Chevrolet Chevelle, these A-body beasts are infamous for their coke bottle styling, high availability, and mod-ability. Of course, classic muscle cars naturally find themselves at home on the drag strip. However, just because a car can go fast in a straight line, that doesn't mean that it shouldn't drive well too. That's exactly what this cartoonish, corner-carving, high horsepower muscle car has also become a more than adequate streetcar. With the use of updated suspension and a new chassis, this Chevelle has been granted its path out of the “muscle car = drag car” stereotype.

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Power is provided by a 565ci Chevy Big Block with assistance from an 871 blower, that monster powerhouse pushes out an incredible 840-horsepower. All of that power gets transferred through an automatic transmission. It should be stated that the engine does a majority of the work as the massive blower only produces a mere 12 lbs of boost.

The owner did this to ensure daily drivability, or at least comfortable and reliable driving. Wilwood brakes help the cars stopping power and proportioning valves to adjust them according to the driver's desires. Rolling along with the car are a set of Billet specialty wheels with chrome trim surrounding a matte black finish. In the interior, you’ll find a full roll-cage, which negates the purpose of the back seats. Along with the roll-cage, there are also custom leather seats as well as an updated dash.

As far as classic cars go, this is an incredible feat of skill, expertise, and style. The contrast of over 800 horsepower combined with incredible handling and comfort of driving creates a wonderful driving experience. Everything from the build, Sapphire Blue, to the gigantic blower hints that this car is much more than just an old muscle car.

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