Paul Walker’s AHG Modified BMW M1 Seeks New Ownership

Jan 27, 2021 2 min read
Paul Walker’s AHG Modified BMW M1 Seeks New Ownership

The late movie star had impeccable taste in cars.

Paul Walker was an incredibly capable actor, he is often referred to as the James Dean of his generation. Regardless of how you feel about this description, there is no doubt that his fascination with automobiles was very clear. Over the years, working and acting in the Fast and Furious franchise, he quickly gained quite an impressive collection of various cool cars. After the unfortunate deaths of Paul Walker and Roger Rodas, 21 vehicles were put on auction and sold for approximately $2.3million. Some years later, this 1980 BMW M1 which was previously a piece of the AE Performance collection is now up for auction.

This 1980 BMW M1, Chassis #: WB00000094301090, was modified by AHG (German BMW dealer) these modifications allow the car to squeeze out an extra 75 horses. The current setup pushes out an extraordinary 350-horsepower. Being only 1 of 10 made in this way, this homogenization special features a unique race-style body kit, a customized paint job, and 3-piece BBS wheels. Just like all good things, this car is not able to register in California due to the emissions regulations and despite this fact, the current bid sits around $350,000 and is expected to exceed that very soon.

Most people know Walker’s cars due to his incredible collection of BMW M3 Lightweights which were sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction many years ago. Now residing in Texas, there is no doubt that these are extremely desirable vehicles, however, this is mostly in large part because they were once owned by Walker himself. While the same is true for this BMW M1, there is much more to be hailed here than just 'celebrity status.' The rarity of this specific modified model, combined with high horsepower number, great wheels, and customized body kit/paint makes this a ridiculously high-value car and a great buy for anyone from collectors to enthusiasts.

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