Nissan GT-R Races 1967 Camaro

Jul 25, 2021 2 min read
Nissan GT-R Races 1967 Camaro

Yeah, neither of these cars is even close to stock…

For a lot of enthusiasts, choosing sides in a domestic versus import race like this ’67 Camaro racing a Nissan GT-R takes zero consideration. Some will automatically favor the classic American muscle car because they just know Detroit steel “always” wins, especially on the drag strip. Others will automatically back Godzilla since it’s technologically advanced and they just “know” the time of American muscle is over. Then there are those who realize when two heavily modified cars like these face off, it really could be anyone’s race.

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Filmed and brought to us by the guys at Hoonigan, this unusual drag race is a continuation of the This vs. That series they’ve been running for a while. Some of the matchups they’ve done are ridiculously lopsided, but others are surprisingly close.

When it comes to drag racing, you might not think a Japanese supercar would be all that impressive, but an R35 Nissan GT-R is notoriously well-suited for just such a race. After all, it supposedly is pushing 1200-whp. A 6-speed dual-clutch transmission makes for snappy gear changes. All-wheel drive makes this car a prime threat off the line. Before you make fun of the chrome pink wrap and princess graphics, know the owner/driver is a woman. And while she weighs less, her car tips the scales at a porky 3,800 lbs. so it’s a good thing it makes so much power.

Just because we were talking up Godzilla doesn’t mean we think the 1967 Camaro doesn’t have a chance, no. The Chevy is an absolute beast. It’s pushing 800-hp with a 540ci Big Block V8 with a 2-speed Powerglide directing that power to the rear axle. When it comes to curb weight, this thing has a huge advantage since it only comes in at 3,000 lbs. thanks in part to half the body panels being swapped for fiberglass. Plus, it has huge radials in the rear to help it hook up and make the competition shut up. Will that be enough to make up for the big gap in power?

Which car do you think will win? Check out the race and see if you’re right.

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