Modified 2020 C8 Corvette Does A 9-Second Quarter Mile

Oct 20, 2020 1 min read
Modified 2020 C8 Corvette Does A 9-Second Quarter Mile

They claim it’s a first for the C8…

Since the C8 Corvette is one of the hottest performance vehicles to come out in the past year, combined with the fact production was limited in 2020 by coronavirus and other issues, many people are still desperately wanting to get their hands on one. Meanwhile, we’re seeing a growing number of modified C8s clearly demonstrating that GM has built a sports car that reacts very well to upgrades. The crazies one we’ve seen yet is this C8 that’s been able to do a 9-second quarter mile, something they claim hasn’t been done with a C8 before.

Since this video was posted to YouTube by ExtremeTurboSystems, it should come as no surprise that the C8 is running an Extreme Turbo Systems turbo kit and intercooler kit. In addition, it has MAHLE Motorsport North America custom pistons, Ferrea Racing valvetrain components, Raybestos Powertrain upgraded clutches, as well as Precision Turbo & Engine PTE turbochargers and wastegates.

According to the company, all of that put together amounts to over 1,021-horsepower at 20 psi of boost, another first they claim for a C8. At the beginning of the video it’s stated the car is pushing 872-whp at 13 psi and 980-whp at 18 psi.

Extreme Turbo Systems says it’s “just getting started” on pushing the C8 Corvette to new performance heights. Considering it hasn’t been out that long we can only imagine where this could be going. And we’re sure there are more crazy builds coming in the near future, which is really exciting. The doubters about GM switching to a mid-engine layout have definitely been quiet lately.

If you know of a C8 that broke the 1,000-hp or 9-second quarter mile barrier first, let us know. But, for now we’re going to assume this is the first to do both since we haven’t heard otherwise.

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