Man Unloads On C8 Corvette Owner About Global Warming

May 14, 2021 2 min read
Man Unloads On C8 Corvette Owner About Global Warming

Sadly, these types of things are a little too common.

There’s little doubt one of the hottest cars for the 2020 model year is the C8 Corvette. With its new mid-engine configuration and absolutely blistering performance specs, it’s no wonder why. Adding to the collectability and overall desirability of these ‘Vettes is the fact the coronavirus shutdowns have limited production severely, so precious few have ended up in the hands of some lucky consumers. However, as one C8 owner found out recently, this can make one a target of self-righteous global warming crusaders.

Image credit: YouTube

Brought to us by YouTuber JMC Rides, who has among his collection of cool American cars a Torch Red 2020 Chevrolet Corvette, the video accompanying this article is something you have to see to believe. Maybe you’ve experienced this kind of treatment yourself, especially if you have a V8 muscle car or something else eye-catching.

This whole situation went down when JMC Rides and friends were doing a photoshoot of his C8 Corvette in the Big Apple. A man walks up and starts off by asking what kind of gas mileage the Chevy gets. Before even waiting for an answer, he launches into a lecture about the global temperatures rising, etc. They just kind of laugh him off but he continues blathering about California doing the “right thing” by pushing for all-electric vehicles, but he seems to have his facts a little convoluted. Basically, this is like your annoying neighbor inviting themselves to your party, then making a big scene trying to prove they’re tougher than you.

A little while later the global warming preacher comes back, maybe because he felt he hadn’t said enough. Also, he had to show off his Honda Civic, then lecture the other men about how hybrids are only “half the solution.” That’s when they point out his ride isn’t even a hybrid – oh the hypocrisy. The guys take his unsolicited opinions with an amazing amount of grace.

The YouTuber and his friends are blocking traffic in Queens, New York and he readily admits that while narrating the operation. It would’ve made more sense if someone took issue with that. His friends brought along a nice collection of rarities, including a new Acura NSX, Porsche Cayman, and what looks like a BMW M2.

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