James Hetfield Flashes His Hot Rides At Monterey

Aug 13, 2021 3 min read
James Hetfield Flashes His Hot Rides At Monterey

The rocker is a true gearhead…

James Hetfield, front man for the once heavy metal group Metallica, is showing off even more of his impressive car collection at Monterey Car Week. Not just anyone can go see the 5 vehicles of his which will be on display since those rides will be housed at The Quail, an ultra-exclusive venue. However, Peterson Automotive Museum, which is sponsoring the display along with Coker Tire, has graciously provided us with photos of the rocker’s classic cars.

Check out Bono's wild cowhide Mercedes here.

One of Hetfield’s cars on display at The Quail is a 1936 Auburn Speedster replica called “Slow Burn.” At the right angle, the paint almost looks like a burning flame, so maybe that’s where the name comes from? There’s also a 1937 Ford Coupe named “Crimson Ghost” which features some nice customizations.

Hetfield has also lent out “Aquarius,” a 1939 Packard which is of course all curvaceous lines. Another car is a 1953 Buick Skylark Hetfield calls “Skyscraper.” The name seems iconic, considering the low-slung, elongated appearance of the car. Finally, a 1956 Ford F-100 lovingly referred to as “Sr8edge” rounds out the collection on display at The Quail.

Currently on display at the Peterson Automotive Museum are 10 more cars from James Hetfield’s collection. “Reclaimed Rust” will be shown off at the Los Angeles museum until November 7. Several guitars, photos, and other memorabilia associated with the Metallica rocker are included, making it a treat for both car and music fans.

“The Petersen is excited to showcase this collection of beautiful custom vehicles at one of the most renowned automotive events in the world,” said Petersen Automotive Museum Executive Director Terry L. Karges. “Our exhibit ‘Reclaimed Rust’ is a love letter to legendary rocker James Hetfield’s two most prominent forms of expression and we are delighted to expand its reach to Monterey.”

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