International Harvester Dually Rat Rod Is Radical

Aug 31, 2021 2 min read
International Harvester Dually Rat Rod Is Radical

This thing is playing with Hemi power…

Normally, a 1938 International Harvester truck would be impressive, considering how few are around these days. However, putting the cab from a ’38 on a custom chassis, combined with a grille from a ’46 International Harvester, plus Packard headlights, duallies, and a blown 392 Hemi results in something truly spectacular. For good measure, there’s an adjustable air suspension so this truck can ride super low or be raised up so it doesn’t bottom out.

Check out a Dodge Viper dually here.

One could argue this isn’t a “true” rat rod and successfully defend that stance. After all, there are plenty of shiny bits and the paint is pristine, so nothing is rustic about it. Yet the low stance and dually setup doesn’t really make this a purist hot rod. Maybe you could call it a hybrid – we don’t really care because whatever you want to call it, this build is creative and cool.

According to the owner, this rat rod truck is pushing about 550-horsepower. That’s not bad for something which no doubt doesn’t weigh that much. Being a rat rod, this isn’t built for serious drag racing, but instead is about style and having a fun time cruising around town, points on which it delivers big.

The interior is pretty plush with leather seats, a nice headliner, carpeting, etc. Billet aluminum and a leather-wrapped steering wheel help round out the opulence. For a little fun, the gear selector is topped off with a Dos Equis tap handle, which actually helps coordinate with the cool green paint on the exterior.

In the video you get to hear this thing burble at idle and the roar at WOT. If you want to feel what it’s like, just crank your speakers and let everyone around you revel in it.

We really appreciate AutotopiaLA for sharing this amazing build. Check out the video to see it in action, you will not be disappointed.

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