750-Horsepower 1969 Boss HEMI Fastback Mustang Is Shockingly Unique

Jul 26, 2021 1 min read
750-Horsepower 1969 Boss HEMI Fastback Mustang Is Shockingly Unique

AutotopiaLA is known for hunting down some of the most unique cars out there, but YouTube host Shawn Davis might have out-done himself this time.

Dean's SoCal Classic Car Storage has been featured on the YouTube channel on a few other occasions but this time the owner, Dean actually came out to present this very special 1969 Boss HEMI Mustang Fastback. The car was built by Vintage Fabrications who spent 5,500-hours of work on the car. At the rear, the car was widened by 6-inches to accommodate the 345 rear tires and at the front the design incorporates a fascia design inspired by a 2009 Mustang. However, there is said to not be one piece of plastic or fiberglass on the car and the body is fully made from hand formed metal.

Such a radical body almost requires an engine that is just as radical and this build does not disappoint. Under the hood is a Ford made HEMI 520-cid naturally aspirated engine making an estimated 750-horsepower. Underpinning the car is a full custom one-off Roadster Shop chassis and suspension. Braking is handled by a set of 4-wheel Baer disk brakes.

Whoever commissioned this build did not stop there either. Inside is a custom interior, obviously inspired by supercars and modern cars alike. It is all tastefully done and the silhouette of the original dash is still maintained. Additionally, the interior features a full roll cage that is so well done that it is almost not visible from outside the car and could easily be missed at first glance. This is an awesome car that is sure to draw a crowd wherever it goes and we hope we get to see it in action again soon.

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