Dodge Challenger Ute Should Be A Crime

Oct 15, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Ute Should Be A Crime

Enough with ruining modern muscle cars

We already know you’re likely throwing up at seeing this rendering of a Dodge Challenger converted into a uteand for that we apologize. However, the best way to defeat bad ideas is to shine a bright light on them, not pretend they don’t exist. Renderings like this could turn into reality as misguided youths who spend too much time on Instagram find themselves in possession of a modern muscle car. We need to do something about this before tragedy strikes.

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This rendering is like so many others in all the cliched ways: huge fender flares, car slammed within an inch or two of the ground, so little wheel gap an ant couldn’t squeeze through, and weird rectangular LED headlights. Plus, there’s a front splitter which looks like it won’t allow this car to roll over any speed bumps, driveway skirts, etc. (hopefully in real life this ride would have an adjustable air suspension or a more realistic splitter with the shipping guard still attached). Why these elements are so popular on Instagram is anyone’s guess, but it’s been beat to death.

image credit: Instagram

Where this rendering does something different is it makes the Dodge Challenger into a Ute. It looks awful, but kudos for trying a different design element mixed with all the tired garbage. For some reason he threw classic JDM-style side mirrors on the car. And he alludes to it being a Hellcat when it’s wearing a Demon hood, asking if he should call this rendering the “Hell-camino.” How about hell no? Also, he does realize the El Camino was a Chevy, right?

In a way it’s flattering these artists are so obsessed with American muscle cars. However, the way they modify them they no longer look like American muscle and instead are something daintier and ugly. The fact this rendering has a European background makes sense: this guy is based in London and he’s trying to Europeanize the Mopar. Let’s keep American performance cars American in their styling, please.

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