Dodge Viper Dually Is Disturbing

Dec 1, 2020 2 min read
Dodge Viper Dually Is Disturbing

Oh, we wish this were a rendering…

I’m not going to hide it, I’m a big fan of Dodge Vipers. Trash them all you want, I don’t care, they’re great performance cars with just the right amount of crazy to keep drivers on their toes. That’s what makes this dually Viper posted on Instagram by 1320video extra disturbing.

image credit: YouTube

You can modify a Viper to make it more powerful, handle better, or just look extra cool. But why would anyone slap an extra set of wheels on the rear axle? That makes even less sense than extending the axles on a Mustang so you can fit extra-large wheels and tires for muddy hill climbs.

Oh, and in some of the pictures there are exhaust stacks protruding from just behind the doors. Is this a diesel truck or an American sports car?

image credit: Instagram

Topping off the bizarre looks is a matte green paint job or wrap with white US Army graphics. One would think maybe it’s owned by a military veteran, but that’s actually not the case.

The story behind this poor Dodge Viper is about as bizarre as the car itself. It’s not in the US but instead is owned by someone in Japan. That makes the US Army graphics a study in the bizarre psychological fallout of WWII maybe? Eh, we’re not experts there, so back to what we do know, cars.

image credit: Instagram

A YouTube video posted back in 2017 and featuring this Viper states something about it being produced for a non-profit organization which runs a breeding lab for alligator snapping turtles in Japan. In that video the exhaust stacks are present and there are only one set of rear wheels with smaller fender flares. This would mean someone is continuing to add to this Mopar. The real question is what will be the next bizarre mod? Maybe a blower coming out of the hood? A mounted 50mm gun on the roof?

We sure hope this person likes ruining a great performance machine, because we doubt any enthusiast will want it now.

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