Man Uses Identity Theft To Buy Hellcats

Mar 10, 2021 2 min read
Man Uses Identity Theft To Buy Hellcats

What ever happened to getting a job and saving your money?

A man from Kentucky is facing a whole string of charges after using the personal info of 3 different people to buy 2 Dodge Charger Hellcats, a BMW, and 2 Maseratis. He targeted dealerships in Florida for reasons unknown, making this string of crimes suitable for a really interesting meme (seriously, someone needs to do that).

Watch a Dodge Charger Hellcat race a Shelby GT500 right here.

We get Hellcats aren’t cheap, so not everyone can afford them, but committing fraud to get even just one is wrong. So is stealing other people’s Hellcats, a disturbingly common trend these days. Hellcats are hell of fun to drive, but exercising some discipline, working hard, sacrificing, and saving up is the better way to get one.

Unfortunately, reports don’t detail out what BMW and Maserati models the guy bought, but we can imagine he grabbed them for the luxury factor.

According to a report out of central Kentucky, Kenneth Mobley, age 39 and old enough to know better, has been charged with wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, receiving stolen property, drug possession, and being a felon in possession of a firearm, so this certainly wasn’t his first rodeo.

photo credit: Facebook

When police caught up with them, they reportedly found one of the Hellcats out in front of the apartment he allegedly rented using a false ID. The other Hellcat was wrecked, so the power was a little much for the guy, another disturbing trend we see in salvage yards all over.

In total, the 4 cars Mobley purchased are valued at over $300,000. Just a pro tip if you’re going to steal: the more in value you take, the worse your punishment will be. We are in no way endorsing stealing in any way, but realize taking valuable things like performance and luxury vehicles isn’t going to end well when you’re caught, and you will get caught sooner or later.

Source: Lexington Herald Leader

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