Bone Stock Dodge Charger Hellcat And Shelby GT500 Race

May 1, 2021 2 min read
Bone Stock Dodge Charger Hellcat And Shelby GT500 Race

Which one do you have your money on?

Enthusiasts often argue about what the ultimate modern American muscle car is, and it usually ends with a lot of hurt feelings. Some people are so brand loyal they literally have it etched into their tombstone, so there’s no changing their minds. However, a clean race between a bone stock Dodge Charger Hellcat and a bone stock Shelby GT500 sounds like it would at least clear up which is the better drag racer, which is exactly what attracted us to this video.

Both of these muscle cars are essentially brand new. The Shelby GT500 has just over 500 miles on the odometer, so it’s barely broken in. Meanwhile, the Dodge Charger Hellcat Widebody has just over 1,000 miles.

The fact both these cars are completely stock, including the tires, makes this an interesting race. At least, the owners claim they’ve done zero mods to them. That might be difficult to believe, but it’s what they’re saying so we’ll just give them that benefit of a doubt. Plus, these guys are friends and you’d never cheat when racing a friend, right?

On paper, the Shelby has a huge advantage with 760-horsepower versus 717-hp from the Hellcat Widebody. The snake tips the scale at just over 4,100 lbs. versus over 4,500 lbs. for the hefty four-door cat. In other words, based on those two metrics alone it doesn’t look like the Mopar has a good shot at winning.

We know, some Mopar people will argue the real rival of the GT500 would be a Demon. We’re assuming these guys couldn’t get their hands on one, considering they’re red-hot collectibles and production was pretty limited. Maybe we’ll get that race in the near future, but probably from a different YouTube account.

Watch the video and be the judge of how much of a “car guy” this YouTuber is (he gives a mini speech about it while misquoting the specs on his car). Also, you can weigh in on how these races were conducted because there’s a lot of pick apart, including the fact they’re doing it on public highways.

If you watch till the end, there’s also a race with a supercharged BMW M3.

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