Man Buys Maserati Quattroporte Salvage Title At Auction

Apr 8, 2020 2 min read
Man Buys Maserati Quattroporte Salvage Title At Auction

This guy bought the car so you don’t have to, and now we get to see the fallout.

A man had an opportunity to buy a used Maserati Quattroporte with a salvage title at auction. Covered with an interesting Luis Vuitton wrap and with the badges covered in red. The most visible sign of damage is the crumpled driver’s side door, obviously from a collision. The real question is if you had the chance to buy a car like this for under $5,000 would you do it? This guy did so you don’t have to and now we get to see the results.

First you might be wondering why this Maserati was so cheap. It was auctioned on Christmas Eve, which this guy claims is an excellent time to bid on cars since everyone is so preoccupied with the holidays you’re facing less competition. That makes sense.

Since this car was being sold by an insurance company, the guy felt more confident buying it sight-unseen. This Italian stallion was two states away but this buyer has a lot of experience bidding on and refurbishing insurance claim vehicles. Insurance companies aren’t in the business of making money off selling cars, so you can often get a better deal from them.

Anyway, you’re probably thinking this Maserati Quattroporte doesn’t even run, but you’re wrong. After charging up the battery the guy fires the engine right up. The distinct Maserati exhaust note sounds a little more aggressive than usual, making him suspect the mufflers have been chopped. The important part is the car seems to have no mechanical problems, which is a huge relief since those can really run up the bill, especially with such a vehicle.

This car does come with a curve ball, but it’s not what you’re probably thinking. There’s extensive hail damage that’s harder to see, thanks to the wrap. Also, two of the window regulators are busted. Plus, the driver’s seat has a vinyl spray on it, so the guy has to fix that on the leather. Even with all that, this guy thinks he’s going to do pretty well with the resale. Considering this is what he does for a living, we’ll assume he’s right.

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