Drool As Hypercars Race In Switzerland

Sep 11, 2020 1 min read
Drool As Hypercars Race In Switzerland

So much eye candy…

Every year, the well-heeled get together in the Swiss Alps to live out all our fantasies, racing hypercars and supercarsagainst each other with an amazing scenic backdrop. Thankfully, even the COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop the event this year so we all get to bask in the shockingly-fast eye candy.

There’s literally something for everyone in the video accompanying this article, from classic 80s icons like the Ferrari F40 to modern powerhouses and plenty in between. Koenigseggs, Ferraris, Paganis, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Porsches, Bugattis, and more crowd the Gstaad Airport strip which has been cleared for the insane races. There’s even a Ford GT40, the sole American car at the gathering.

Not only is there a lot of dazzling eye candy, the sounds of these cars accelerating is amazing. You get to hear plenty of crackles and pops along with turbo hissing loudly

Some of these races look really close, which is always fun to watch. But like so many drag strip videos, there’s only one guy filming from the start so you can’t see the finish. The only difference is here there are no signs showing each car’s time and speed, so you just have to guess about who won.

One thing that’s clear from this video is that either some of these hypercar and supercar owners have super slow reflexes or they don’t know how to launch their ultra-expensive vehicle. Either one is a viable explanation, because quite a few of the races were blowouts but should have been close. Oh, a few of these guys jumped the line early.

Also, some of the racers couldn’t keep their vehicle going completely straight, but at least there were no crossovers or other incidents. It just goes to show money can’t buy driving skill, unless you’re hiring a driver.

No matter how many times we see this even, which is put on by the Supercars Owner Circle, it always is like a dream come true.

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