This Shop Is JDM Eye Candy Galore

Apr 24, 2024 2 min read
This Shop Is JDM Eye Candy Galore

It’s almost as good as a JDM barn find.

Tucked away somewhere outside of the bustle of Tokyo is a small car tuning shop that looks similar to ones you’d find all over in the United States. It’s a pretty drag, slab-sided industrial building, but what’s surrounding it is enough to make even the most hardcore JDM car fans excited.

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The video below comes via Roads Untraveled, a YouTuber based out of Canada who’s been spending time in Japan. You don’t see many videos like this coming from the island nation and that’s explored by him at the beginning because apparently local laws restrict them big time, so now we know why. In other words, this is a rare treat.

One of the finest examples is a Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R. It has been outfitted with an aero front bumper and a full roll cage, plus a racing steering wheel and other upgrades to clearly demonstrate it’s used on a track.

There are so many Nissan Skylines it’s almost dizzying. You have clean and rough R32s, R33s, and R34s galore. Several other Silvias are also present, including one with a strange thing that perhaps in the camera mount in the rear.

Nissans definitely dominate at this location, but there are some other lust-worthy rides like a Honda S2000CR, Toyota AE86, Toyota Chaser, Toyota Supras (Mk IV), Mazda RX-7 (FD), Honda CRXSiR, and many others.

A whole section outside the tuning shop is wrecked Japanese performance cars. While it’s a sad sight to behold, there’s hope each one will be repaired and back on the road or track in the near future.

What’s more, this shop actually rents out drift cars. Naturally, these cars are supposed to be drifted on a track and not public roads. They don’t look like they’re in as sad of shape as some of the rental track cars you see in other places, other than maybe missing a bumper or something like that, so hopefully the customers are getting a solid drifting experience.

If you’re not a JDM fan, there is one foreign car on the lot: A Mercedes-AMG GT. It’s a little dirty and obviously has been enjoyed, just like many of other rides outside this tuning shop.

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