Barrett-Jackson Releases Green Hornet Restoration Documentary

Jul 3, 2021 2 min read
Barrett-Jackson Releases Green Hornet Restoration Documentary

It’s finally here…

It was a little over a year ago when I sat in the small audience for the unveiling of Green Hornet and Little Red at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale. Both legendary Shelby Mustangs had fallen into disrepair and were lost, but thankfully Barrett-Jackson CEO and Chairman Craig Jackson spearheaded an effort to have both fully restored to their full glory. Now we have a nice documentary about the restoration process of Green Hornet, a 1968 Shelby EXP 500 of legend.

Learn about the infamous 1955 Le Mans race here.

If you’re not familiar with Green Hornet, the documentary will help with that. Just know up front Green Hornet is special for a number of reasons, one of them being it was a double prototype car. That’s right, it was used as a prototype twice, so there’s a lot of Ford Motor Company history contained in it. For that reason alone, this Mustang matters so much.

image credit: YouTube

If you do know about Green Hornet, this documentary is loaded with all kinds of information to keep you interested. Considerable research went into restoring the car to how it was back in the day, with some of the top people in the industry contributing. That meticulous attention to detail and undying quest for the truth is certainly admirable.

As one might imagine, being a prototype vehicle Green Hornet had some pretty rare parts. Being able to outfit it just as it was presented multiple challenges the team was able to work around in various ways. By rebuilding it, others can now learn from the solid history which is right in front of them instead of just reading about it in a book.

image credit: YouTube

What’s funny is the current Shelby GT500 comes with multiple technologies Green Hornet had. It took all that time for the production car to catch up with the prototype, which does seem kind of backwards and interesting. Without spoiling any more, I’m going to leave off there and let you watch the documentary to get the full scoop.

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