These Barn Find Cars Are Abandoned Projects

Jul 3, 2021 2 min read
These Barn Find Cars Are Abandoned Projects

Not everyone is a project finisher…

One of the biggest complaints heard from the significant others of gearheads is the fact their garage, yard, shed, barn, or maybe all of that and then some is taken up with unfinished project cars. We can understand the frustration, but the simple fact is certain people get really excited about a project but then lose interest over time for whatever reason. Not everyone is a project finisher, which is why guys like Nitro Union are admirable since they seem to see things through to a reasonably polished end.

Watch the Barrett-Jackson Green Hornet restoration documentary here.

In the video included with this article, they hunt down a built Chevy Big Block car and a 1965 Buick Skylark. Both have been kept in the same barn for some time, so they’re not looking too good. Also, the guys have problems loading them up on the trailer and hauling them away. You have to figure every project is going to come with unforeseen hang-ups, including grabbing a barn find car.

image credit: YouTube

One refreshing thing about many YouTube channels which post video footage of barn finds, like this one from Nitro Union, is they’re far more real than the stuff we saw on television for years. Those shows felt suspiciously staged, as if a producer were coming along and priming the people who had the “barn find” vehicles on how to act. Also, the cars themselves had the appearance of being in pretty good shape, other than the fresh “barn find” dust sprinkled over them.

Another point: this video shows the value of personal connections. The only reason these guys even know about these two cars being available is that the father used to own a track and had a connection with the owner of the vehicles. This is the cold, hard truth for people who just want to suddenly get into barn find hunting, but they don’t want to really deal with people. You just can’t get around networking, and we’re not talking about going to meetings with people trying to expand their MLM scheme.

Check it out.

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