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Shelby introduced a new model in 1967, the GT500. The GT350 continued to house the 289ci, while the GT500 received the larger 428ci.

Shelby introduced a new model in 1967, the GT500. The GT350 continued to house the 289ci, while the GT500 received the larger 428ci. Shelby now began parting ways from the basic Mustang model to make the cars look more performance-oriented, while also being able to deliver that performance.

A unique grill with two 7 in driving lights could be found under the fiberglass nose extension, which was exaggerated from the production Mustang. Additional hood pins were added to the fiberglass hood which had a functional hood scoop. Taillights from a '67 Cougar were installed, but without the chrome trim.

The interior came with either black or parchment, and was outlined with a two-point or four-point roll bar.

All '67 Shelbys came with GT350 or GT500 rocker panel stripes, a front grille emblem, front fender emblems, a rear deck emblem, and a pop-open gas cap which had a a Shelby Cobra cover.

The GT350 came once again with the 289ci still boasting 306 hp, but did not have the Tri-Y headers and most did not have the Cobra oil pan.

Ford's modified 428ci Police Interceptor V8 was found in the GT500 and carried a pair of rear-mounted 600 cfm Holley carbs on an aluminum intake. The 428ci was rated at 355 hp.

An extremely small number of more powerful 427 Medium Riser V8s were installed at the factory or at the selling dealer. These produced 425 hp and the exact number made is not known.

Production Numbers

GT 350 1,175
GT 500 2,048
GT 500 Notchback Prototype 1
GT 500 Convertible Prototype 1
Total Production 3,225

Performance Specs

Engine Size Carb. HP Torque 0 to 60 Quarter mile
289ci V8 289ci 1x4bbl 306 at 6000 rpm 329 lb-ft at 4200 7.1 sec 15.3 sec at 91 mph
428ci V8 428ci 1x4bbl 355 - 4.8 sec 13.6 sec at 106 mph
427 Medium Riser 427ci - 425 - - -


  • 4-Speed Manual
  • 3-Speed Automatic

Paint & Colors


Wimbledon White
Bronze Metallic
Dark Blue Metallic
Raven Black
Dark Moss Green
Medium Metallic Grey
Lime Green
Brittany Blue
Acapulco Blue
Silver Frost



OEM Brochures

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