Dumb Luck Meets Dumb Criminals

Mar 25, 2021 2 min read
Dumb Luck Meets Dumb Criminals

This is the ultimate what comes around goes around story.

Car thieves are regarded as the absolute worst people that a car enthusiast can encounter, rightfully so. This is in large part because we love our cars, or maybe because we spent more than we make in a year to get them. The internet is littered with stories of car thieves taking someone else's car for a joy ride, I'm looking at you Dodge, and ditching it on the side of the road after scrapping it.

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We’d all love to see these people get their comeuppance, however, when it comes to catching these criminals it seems that the cops have decided to politely decline to do their jobs. So we are left hoping that some miracle of fate brings these awful human beings to a particularly difficult situation in hopes of a little revenge. Thankfully the universe has delivered on that request, here is the detailed account that left one car thief dumbfounded and two in jail.

Our story begins with two seemingly normal teenage men riding around in a Toyota RAV4 when Shamari J. Reid, one of the young men, saw another teenage boy on the side of the road struggling to change a tire. Out of the kindness of his heart, Reid exited his vehicle to help the boy and immediately tried to steal it. The idiot hit a curb and wrecked the car, it was later discovered that the Mitsubishi Lancer that the second boy was found with had already been stolen by our tire-changing fiend. Both Reid and “tire guy” were apprehended and it seems that there may be justice in the world after all.

This is a hilarious story of justice, revenge, and good ole’ dumb luck and we hope to see more like this in the future. Far too often, people get away with stealing other's vehicles and the police seemingly do nothing about it. You can't rely on anyone else to save your car so it's either up to you or luck. In this case, luck was very unkind to the boys and hopefully, they've learned a lesson. Don't try to steal someone else's car right in front of them, wait until they look away.

Source: ABC 13 News

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