Dodge Dart Rendering Apparently Caters To The Youth

Jan 25, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Dart Rendering Apparently Caters To The Youth

Help us all…

After reviewing quite a few renderings where classic muscle cars have been given modern updates (read: slammed and fitted with aggressive widebody kits) we’ve been informed that these sorts of designs are what the youth of American like. We’re not entirely convinced that’s true, just like how for years different publications claimed the youth didn’t like cars at all and instead were into their iPhone and PlayStation. Anyway, all that brings us to this rendering of a Dodge Dart, which if we criticize will mean we’re out of touch with the youth of today or some other nonsense.

image credit: Instagram

This rendering of course drops the Dart to about an ant’s width from the ground, because that’s totally cool and such. If that’s not impractical enough for a road-going car, there’s also a front splitter which looks like it’ll crack nicely at the first sign of a driveway skirt.

Then there’s a nice custom hood with two air intakes, which honestly doesn’t look bad. Same goes for the trunklid spoiler. We also approve of the side-exit exhaust just behind the front tires. While the wheels aren’t our favorite, they don’t look half bad. Even the modernized front grille with the mesh is something we can get behind, although we’re not sure why there’s a Dodge badge in the middle, but even that doesn’t look horrible.

image credit: Instagram

But the widebody kit is where the aesthetic and probably performance problems begin. Despite what some have alleged, we actually don’t just hate all widebody kits, but ones like this are just difficult to accept. They don’t seem to add anything performance-wise to the cars, but instead like the Bosozoku tailpipes they’re just to be obnoxious. If that’s the point then mission accomplished, because they are.

Thankfully this is just a rendering, so no actual Mopars were hurt in its creation. However, it could inspire someone to do harm to a Dart, although we certainly hope not.

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