Dodge Charger Hellcat Coupe Rendered Yet Again

Apr 2, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Charger Hellcat Coupe Rendered Yet Again

Are you listening, Dodge?

Logically, we all know Dodge will never make a two-door version of the modern Charger. If that were on the menu it would’ve already happened. But for many enthusiasts there’s still that sliver of hope against hope Dodge will see the light and make the Charger a “real” muscle car again.

See what a mid-engine Dodge Charger looks like here.

We’ve featured some other renderings of modern Dodge Charger coupes in the past, some better than others. We have to say this one is pretty good. The artist takes some liberties to add a few pieces of flair, but overall he’s pretty restrained in his presentation. That helps us all imagine how Dodge could realistically create a two-door Charger, even though our brains know that’ll never happen unless the Challenger goes away.

image credit: Instagram

The reality is Dodge sits in a good position. Some enthusiasts have kids, dogs, or they transport grown adults on a regular basis, so having a full-size sedan is necessary. There aren’t too many of those on the market these days, and the ones that are out there aren’t very exciting. So if you’re a gearhead who needs something practical, the Dodge Charger is a great option.

image credit: Instagram

Plus, Dodge already has one performance coupe. The reality is coupes aren’t the hot sellers they once were, which is why the Charger has been surpassing the Challenger month after month. Dodge still has to keep the lights on and they smartly are giving people what they want, instead of telling shoppers what they want (a problem we see more and more with too many automakers).

image credit: Instagram

But we also get not everyone likes that the Charger name has been used for a sedan. For all the Mopar enthusiasts who are upset at this, we don’t want to minimize your pain, but just be thankful they’re not using it on an all-electric SUV. Now go tease some Ford Mustang enthusiasts about that and enjoy these renderings.

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