Dodge Charger Widebody Gets 2-Door Retro Treatment

Nov 12, 2020 2 min read
Dodge Charger Widebody Gets 2-Door Retro Treatment

So… what do you think?

The modern Dodge Charger can be quite the controversial muscle car. In fact, it’s controversial in some circles to refer to it as a “muscle car” since some feel the extra pair of doors automatically disqualifies it from that classification.

Then there’s the Widebody model some feel just looks ugly or is indulgent or whatever. When you combine that with the four doors, the number of haters just stack up. That’s what makes this rendering by Instagram account wb.artist20so interesting. He erases the rear doors on the Charger and adds some more retro styling cues for a different look.

image credit: Instagram

There are a number of subtle design changes to pay homage to the 60s Dodge Charger. Other than the rear doors deletion, probably the most obvious is the revised front fascia. It’s blockier with rectangular headlights and probably poorer aerodynamics, but is that really important to everyone? You get to be the judge on that.

Around back the continuous taillight strip is interrupted with a solid piece of plastic with the SRT and Hellcat logos instead of the Dodge name in the middle of the LED lighting. Less obvious but still plain to see is the more aggressive diffuser. It looks like the big change is the addition of five rather large canards. We’re unclear how that’s a tribute to the 60s Chargers, but it does look more track-ready we suppose. A 3-foot-tall rear wing would’ve really made this rendering interesting, but maybe that’s coming next.

Yes, the fender flares are still present. We know this will be a deal breaker for some and you’re certainly welcome to feel that way. For those who can get past the bulging fenders, this might be an interesting design study.

Maybe this isn’t your first time seeing a modern 2-door Dodge Charger rendering, but what do you think? What about the other retro changes? Could he do something more? Let us know in the comments.

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