Dodge Challenger Doing Donuts Almost Hits Bystander

Apr 8, 2021 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Doing Donuts Almost Hits Bystander

More evidence street takeovers and those who participate in them are dumb…

In the video included with this article is a Dodge Challenger participating in a street takeover, doing smokey donuts, when it wrecks out and almost hits a young kid. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: street takeovers aren’t for real car enthusiasts. Someone who really knows cars is keenly aware of how dangerous they can be, then takes precautions to mitigate the risk. This includes both for those behind the wheel and those who are filming the car in action, like the bystander who almost won a trip to the hospital or morgue.

Learn what Atlanta and Detroit are doing about street takeovers here.

Thankfully, the kid who almost got hit was on a light pole in a parking lot when the accident happened. He jumped backward off the cement base just as the Mopar muscle car hit, sending plastic shards flying. The one kid never lets go of his phone, of course, and the crowd goes wild. It’s obvious these guys love mayhem, which is totally normal and healthy.

image credit: YouTube

That’s when everyone at the “meet” or whatever they try calling it swarm the car to get closeup photos and video of the aftermath. Considering the driver is so highly skilled, it’s a wonder he didn’t almost hit someone after throwing the Challenger in reverse and backing up suddenly. Then he tries driving away as part of the bumper gets caught in the front wheel and people continue to swarm before the Mopar drives off, leaving plastic chunks for the crowd to hoist overhead triumphantly.

There’s more debauchery you can see in the video, if you dare. Really, the whole thing is a lot of nonsense but it provides a good glimpse into the world of street takeovers and why they’re so problematic.

image credit: YouTube

The video in question was uploaded to YouTube by account FedVFilms. He has other lovely videos on the channel, including one of a guy falling out of a Pontiac during another street shutdown. In case you don’t know, the little thrill seekers who participate in these illegal activities also often hang out of the windows and even the open trunk of cars as they do donuts, all for the sake of looking cool on social media.

In the FedyVFilms YouTube account description there’s a link to an Instagram account, mario.xxi, with some of the same videos uploaded there, as well as other nonsense like Gucci shoes and face mask tan lines. It’s a glimpse into the life of a street takeover participant and what some might describe as promoter. After all, these videos help to glorify the activity.

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