Dodge Teases 2023 Charger, Challenger Special-Edition Models

Aug 16, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Teases 2023 Charger, Challenger Special-Edition Models

The end is nigh…

Despite all the rumors, Dodge has been careful to neither confirm nor deny the Charger and Challenger are going away after the 2023 model year. When revealing it will deploy 7 different special-edition models for 2023, the official press release says both muscle cars “are coming to an end” but only “in current form.” That could mean just about anything, so obviously the automaker wants everyone guessing until a reveal is made.

Watch a Dodge Challenger do a Dukes of Hazzard jump running from the cops here.

While there’s plenty of buzz about these special-edition models, nobody knows what they are. That’s right, Dodge kept them under wraps, almost literally. A car carrier was parked outside the Dodge Garage Party where the first evening of Speed Week announcements were made, each car loaded on it donning a cover announcing the dates of when the reveals will take place. Think of it like a Mopar advent calendar of sorts.

Tim Kuniskis, head of Dodge, warned that lest anyone tried peeking under the covers, the actual special-edition cars weren’t underneath. Still, we wouldn’t be surprised if some thought they’d look anyway.

This plan to send the Dodge Charger and Challenger into the sunset with several special-edition models seems familiar. Dodge did something similar with the Viper when it rode into the sunset for 2017. While the Viper special editions were made in small numbers, we’d expect there will be more for the Charger and Challenger final sendoff. Still, you might need to be quick and lucky to get your hands on any of them. There’s little doubt these will all become instant collectibles.

The only hint Kuniskis gave about these special-edition models is that they will be “heritage-influenced.” That’s not the least bit shocking since automakers love to inject nostalgia into products, especially when they first launch or are about to go away. Expect each one to have some connection to Dodge models from the 60s and 70s. Maybe we’ll finally get a modern factory Daytona with the nose cone and wing.

Dodge is also bringing back three crowd favorite heritage colors for 2023: B5 Blue, Plum Crazy purple, and Sublime green. Destroyer Grey is also making a comeback. Also, all R/T models will come with “345” fender badges.

If you want a 2023 Dodge Charger or Challenger, dealerships will be receiving their allocations all at once. That means no putting your name on a list at a dealer and hoping for the best, only for you to never receive one. Still, we think so many people will be clamoring for the cars once the allocations have been announced, you’ll need to move fast to secure anything the least bit hot (hint: Hellcats).

Photos via Stellantis

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