Dodge Challenger Goes Full Dukes Of Hazzard Running From Cops

Aug 24, 2022 2 min read
Dodge Challenger Goes Full Dukes Of Hazzard Running From Cops

That’s a nice fireball!

They say life imitates art and art imitates life, which is why some people seem to think they can run from the cops, take their car off a sweet jump, and cross the county line to leave Boss Hogg behind. That’s one explanation we can think of for why this guy running from the cops in his Dodge Challenger decided to go full Dukes of Hazzard, launching the muscle car into the air. The guy is lucky this didn’t end far worse.

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Running from the Arkansas State Police seems to be a really bad idea. Their troopers appear to be extremely well-trained and don’t get all emotional during chases. Some cops might get angry about this guy going over 100 mph on fairly narrow, winding surface streets. Instead, the pursuing troopers is calm and methodical, keeping up with the suspect while being safe about it.

When the dashcam video begins, there’s already another unit with its lights activated at the same intersection as the Mopar. We don’t know if the other trooper had just done a traffic stop, was trying to pull over this Challenger, or something else. What we do know is the vehicle we get the footage from follows the Dodge for a couple of blocks or so before turning on its lights. Instead of running immediately, the suspect tries driving around like nothing happened.

Finally, the guy decides to show the trooper what he can do in his Challenger. What’s weird is he at first still stops at red lights and uses his turn signals. We’re not advocating driving recklessly, but it’s odd behavior for someone trying to ditch the cops.

As he pushes for higher speeds, the guy launches his muscle car into the air on the other side of an intersection, coming down hard on the pavement, plenty of sparks shooting out from the chassis contacting pavement. The trooper launches his vehicle into the air as well and the chase continues. Not shaking the trooper, the suspect decides to take a little dirt road, then stops fully at a stop sign, allowing the trooper to spin him out and end the chase. Too bad he didn’t jump the river instead.

Check out the video for yourself.

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