California Police Chase Down Street Racing Corvette

Aug 16, 2022 1 min read
California Police Chase Down Street Racing Corvette

They couldn’t match the performance, but they outsmarted the driver…

Police chases are understandably controversial. On the one hand, some people argue the police should pull out all the stops to catch criminals, particularly those who have committed violent offenses. But others point out that sometimes high-speed pursuits result in innocent people getting hurt. Ultimately, law enforcement professionals have to exercise judgment about when to chase and when to not, which was exactly how police in Sacramento were able to catch a street racing Corvette.

See a Dodge Challenger do a Dukes of Hazzard jump while running from the cops here.

Back on August 12, several people called West Sacramento Police to report some street racing taking place in the area of Ramco Street and Southport Parkway. Several officers responded along with California Highway Patrol and they caught several drivers engaging in “illegal activity.” We’re thinking they were re-enacting Vin Diesel’s speech about winning, which is expressly outlawed in the interest of good taste.

In the ensuing chaos, it sounds like the guy in the Corvette made a run for it and the police were hot on his tail. However, the Chevy sports car completely outguns your average pursuit rated vehicle, so it was no match. The suspect pushed well above 100 mph and the officers stopped chasing.

We’re betting the Corvette driver laughed to himself, believing he was so smart and had the greatest car ever, because he successfully ran from the cops just like his hero Vin. The only thing is West Sacramento Police didn’t give up on finding him. They eventually located the vehicle in Sacramento with the help of Sacramento Police and CHP.

Cornered, the suspect was taken into custody and we imagine is facing quite the string of charges. As you can see from the photo shared by West Sacramento Police Department, the Chevy was impounded. Thus, the streets of the Sacramento area are safe from at least one Vin Diesel fan, for now.

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