Criminal Fleeing The Cops Wrecks Classic Mustangs

Oct 18, 2021 2 min read
Criminal Fleeing The Cops Wrecks Classic Mustangs

The kicker was he wasn’t driving either pony car…

There’s no doubt that police chases can be dangerous, sometimes leading to serious injury or death. While sometimes nobody is really hurt during a pursuit, property damage is another real risk, and it can be innocent citizens who pay the price, quite literally. In this instance, a person fleeing from cops didn’t make a high-speed turn in their pickup truck and ended up crashing into two first-generation Ford Mustangs parked in a driveway.

Underneath the two car covers is a 1967 Ford Mustang convertible and a 1964.5 (really a 1965 if you want to get technical, but whatever) Mustang Coupe. The truck ends up on its side on top of them, after striking a Chevrolet pickup parked in front of the driveway. There’s also a trailer between the Mustangs which was damaged as well.

Much to the chagrin of Ford fans, the newer Chevy Camaro SS parked in front of the house is completely untouched in the crash. Some think the Chevy truck parked in front of it does some damage to the Camaro, but if you watch the video closely, the muscle car doesn’t move an inch during the horrific scene.

According to the owner, the insurance company will only cover damages to 2 of the 3 vehicles which were totaled. The trailer won’t be covered, either. Anyone who thinks insurance is this magical thing that automatically replaces everything you own, so it’s no big deal if someone else destroys it obviously has never had to make a claim in their life.

Some people say the owner of the Mustangs should’ve had them parked in the garage if he really cared about them. We’re not big on telling car owners what they should do with their own property, but we do agree garaging a vehicle is a good move. However, we don’t know what else this guy owns and what’s in his garage, so who knows why the two Mustangs were outside. Not only that, we’ve seen plenty of incidents where cars parked in a garage have been damaged by someone crashing into the house, so there are no guarantees it will be a safe place.

Idiot ended Police chase in my driveway, 3 of my cars got totaled. from r/IdiotsInCars
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