What is it with people on the roads of Oklahoma?

Before the days of 800-horsepower Dodges, car thieves had to rely on driving skill alone to get away from the cops. Although, as seen in a video from a few years ago involving a Hellcat and in this one that involves an early , it never really works out for the get-a-way drivers as the common theme here is the face in the dirt ending. Looking on the bright side of other people’s poor life choices though, we spectators are usually left with a very entertaining video to watch.

The Mustang video first made an appearance on YouTube in 2006 but it is unclear when this took place. Likewise, it is also unknown who was driving the purple Mustang but his or her driving skills are noteworthy. After about 40 minutes the Oklahoma City Police see their opportunity to end the dangerous pursuit and proceed with a pit maneuver.

However, it appears that the attempt fails as the Mustang spins around and continues down the highway. The officers then try the tactic two more times until finally putting the Mustang into the wall. Just when you think the chase is through, the Mustang continues in reverse until another cop rams the car and pushes it into a stop sign.

Not so surprisingly, the car was stolen and the chase ends with the get-a-way driver face down on the ground. With all of these examples of what not to do with your life people still keep on running from the cops.

Ten years later in Oklahoma there was an incident where another Mustang driver led the police on a chase after being clocked at 84 MPH. The driver got the vehicle up to 208 MPH before peacefully surrendering. Not all police chases are of high-speed in nature and oddly enough one of the slowest pursuits also happened only a few months ago, also in Oklahoma, behind the wheel of a Camaro. How fitting.

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