Cops Almost Seized A Guy’s Ferrari 308 GTS On Accident

Apr 15, 2021 2 min read
Cops Almost Seized A Guy’s Ferrari 308 GTS On Accident

It had been owned by someone infamous before…

Mark Gold is not only a gearhead but also an attorney, so when the cops tried to seize his newly-purchased 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS in Florida, he knew how to get out of the sticky situation. Gold’s story highlights the peril most people don’t think about when it comes to buying auction cars. His had been owned by a drug dealer, but the police didn’t have updated information, so they naturally thought they’d just score themselves a nice Ferrari sports car.

This Ferrari almost suffered the same fate as a Ferrari 458 Spider here.

It’s no wonder Gold was pulled over by police. He admits that the Ferrari 308 GTS was his dream car at the time, so he drove it like he had stolen it. Since it’s no Toyota Camry, the sports car can really move. That meant a lot of tickets in a short period of time, which isn’t a good thing at all.

With a mere 600 miles on it, the red Ferrari definitely was a head-turner. People will argue all day long about whether or not paint color affects the likelihood a police officer will pull over a certain car. However, anyone who’s ever owned a performance vehicle knows they are often zeroed in on, regardless of the car’s color.

image credit: YouTube

Gold wasn’t dumb, he knew a drug dealer might stash narcotics, weapons, or other contraband in his car. However, he searched the Ferrari thoroughly for anything, including under the door panels, and found nothing. Since it was auctioned by the Florida Department of Transportation, it might have already been searched thoroughly, maybe even by a drug-sniffing dog or two.

Adding to the drama of the situation, when Gold was pulled over he was on the verge of losing his driver’s license, thanks to his led foot. That meant he was already prepped to really fight to not get a speeding ticket, despite the fact he was speeding. Rather than retell the story for him, check out the VINwiki video for yourself.

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