Samcrac Teaches Us A Lesson About Cheap Range Rovers

Oct 5, 2020 2 min read
Samcrac Teaches Us A Lesson About Cheap Range Rovers

Please learn from this man’s mistake.

At some point we all entertain the fantasy of flipping cars for a living. After all, these different TV shows and YouTube channels make it seem like such easy money! This is why we love watching Samcrac, because the guy doesn’t blow sunshine up our skirt. Instead, he admits when he screws up and shows us the dark underbelly of the car flipping business. That, and he’s funny. But we’re going to focus on his honesty, specifically about his recent Range Rover he acquired on the cheap.

Let this be a warning for anyone tempted to buy a Range Rover being sold for cheap. Buying a cheap used Land Rover is tempting, especially if you want to impress your friends, family, and neighbors. It’s a trap plenty of people fall into, because how else would these things have second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth owners? Plus, you can talk with a British accent, put safari-themed accessories on it, and talk about going on “expeditions” when heading to Costco or Vegas for the weekend. Then, when a trip takes five times as long as it normally would because the tow truck takes longer arriving than last week, you can feel extra fortunate you bought that cheap Range Rover.

If you’re not familiar with Samcrac, the guy usually buys cars from insurance auctions, fixes whatever’s wrong with them, and then sells them for sweet, sweet profits. Sometimes he’s able to repair a vehicle for next to nothing and other times he gets in over his head.

While Samcrac has experience with flipping Range Rovers, that doesn’t mean he can always accurately predict what problems he’ll face. After all, we’ve heard of some of the most random issues with Land Rovers. Seriously, the luxury off-roaders break in the most creative ways possible, which we suppose makes ownership frustratingly unpredictable.

Despite having just come back from a visit with a mechanic, this Range Rover still has problems. I know you’re shocked just as much as we are by that, which is to say not shocked at all. The check engine light was on, but Samcrac found one of the O2 sensors was unplugged. Then there was an exhaust leak he fixed using new bolts. Just when he thought he was out of the woods it had even more problems. Having sunk $13,000 already into the vehicle it was time to dump it before the money pit took even more.

Check it out for yourself and learn a valuable lesson.

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