Behold A Barn Find Plymouth GTX & Challenger R/T

Oct 7, 2021 2 min read
Behold A Barn Find Plymouth GTX & Challenger R/T

Two amazing classic Mopar muscle cars squirreled away for decades…

YouTube seems to increasingly be full of in-your-face, gimmicky automotive videos featuring the craziest stunts imaginable. While we’ve covered and even been entertained by some of the over-the-top stuff, most of it is so devoid of actual value it’s at best something entertaining to mock and at worst a complete time suck. That’s why we’re proud to highlight this video from Auto Archeology which features a barn find 1969 Plymouth GTX and 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T.

Watch a guy take an old NASCAR stock car to a McDonald’s drive through here.

Wedged behind a big tractor in a barn are the two classic Mopar muscle cars. They have stuff piled on and around them, maybe as some sort of low-tech security system. Or it could just be that packrats do this sort of thing – we see it all the time.

The story is one we’ve heard so many times before: a guy collected a bunch of cars, likely intending to restore them. Instead, they sat for whatever set of reasons, then the guy died. The family realized they couldn’t or didn’t want to restore them, so they contacted people about buying them. That’s where Auto Archeology through a contact of his ended up at the place.

On the property are other cars in need of some TLC, which is often common in these types of situations. Another Challenger was already rescued, but there’s also a classic Chevy Impala SS (he thinks it’s a 1964), another classic Impala, Dodge Dart Swinger, and plenty more.

If you want to see some cool barn finds as well as some diamonds discovered in junkyards, YouTube channel Auto Archeology is a good one to follow. With just over 31,000 subscribers it hasn’t caught on like it should, but we think over time more people will realize the value of these videos versus YouTubers who simply use spectacle and crazy schticks to mindlessly entertain the masses. Some of his more recent videos deal with things like a Barracuda sitting for 40 years, the largest gathering of Charger 500s ever, and a barn find Superbird rescued.

This is an entertaining video for people who really like old Mopar muscle cars. It doesn’t have all kinds of flashy effects or some host who’s so high energy you’d think they drink about 4 espressos before getting in front of the camera. Instead, it’s really about interesting cars and the story around them.

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