Russian Influencer Tapes Himself To A Camaro

Dec 29, 2023 2 min read
Russian Influencer Tapes Himself To A Camaro

That’s gonna be fun to clean up…

Social media influencers are always thinking up new, gimmicky stunts to get all that sweet online attention they so desperately need. We’re assuming that’s the motivation behind a Russian influencer taping himself to the side of a Chevy Camaro as the American muscle car accelerated up to 112 mph. No sane person would do this for a number of reasons, primarily because applying any amount of duct tape to painted car parts makes a huge mess.

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Danil Myasnikov pulled off this Jackass-like stunt in Sochi, a Russian city located on the Black Sea in the southern part of the country. He uploaded video of the car driving while he lays taped to the side on his popular Instagram account.

Instead of taking some safety precautions, Myasnikov wore zero protective gear and had his friend who was piloting the Camaro drive on a public roadway. Thankfully in the video it looks like no other cars were present on the stretch of road, but this stunt could’ve gone poorly with the wrong road-raging Russian deciding the muscle car was in its way.

Shockingly, Russian officials aren’t okay with this kind of behavior. Traffic safety officers reportedly are investigating the stunt, so it’s possible Myasnikov will be facing charges. And there we thought Russians were into more liberal with personal freedoms, not some sort of authoritarians.

For the record, underneath all that duct tape was cargo straps, so before someone tries to reproduce this stunt at home like an idiot, realize it’s all an act of deception. Yes, we know, try to not feel shocked and betrayed that something posted to Instagram isn’t 100 percent authentic.

That said, we fully expect some influencers in North America to try reproducing this stunt, maybe with their own twist. Perhaps they could resurrect an ailing Ferrari supposedly found in a barn (make sure to sprinkle it with plenty of dust first) and then tape themselves to it before racing through an autocross course. Or something like that.

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