Guy Drives NASCAR Race Car To McDonald’s

Nov 8, 2021 2 min read
Guy Drives NASCAR Race Car To McDonald’s

If you have to ask why, you don’t get it…

YouTuber TheStradman, a guy who lives outside Park City, Utah and admittedly has quite the nice collection of cars, recently acquired Rusty Wallace’s retired NASCAR stock car. For whatever reason he had the race car at his house of all places, but needed to get it to his storage facility in Utah County. While most people would do the sensible thing and load a non-street-legal race car onto a trailer, then tow it to the destination, TheStradman decided to drive it there. Oh yeah, and he also stopped by McDonald’s since he had the munchies.

Learn what a team did with a banned NASCAR stock car back in the day here.

Considering how heavily Utah Highway Patrol travels on 1-80 through Parley’s Canyon (I know this from personal experience) and every other major canyon in the Wasatch Range, this is a pretty bold move. That and he really struggles with the clutch, because this thing ain’t no Miata.

To prove how much of a man he is, TheStradman orders chicken “McNuggies” and Oreo Flurries for him and his friend who so bravely is sitting where there is no passenger seat. He also stalls out several times, a few in the drive-through alone. Oh, plus he didn’t realize there are no cupholders in the stock car. Everything about this video is a bad idea, top to bottom.

I’ve covered TheStradman before. He’s really hyper, smiles a lot, and in this particular video is a little too excited to be wearing jeans cut-off shorts for the journey. That and he has his friend come along in a donk. Don’t get me wrong, this YouTuber seems like the kind of guy who would be fun to hang around with because he’s not so stuck on himself, unlike so many other “stars” on the video platform. But sometimes the energy from his videos is like chugging a 2 liter of Mountain Dew, then going base jumping all in about 10 seconds.

Anyway, you’ve been warned, but this video is entertaining. Check it out.

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