Lay Eyes On This Huge American Muscle Car Barn Find

Feb 3, 2020 2 min read
Lay Eyes On This Huge American Muscle Car Barn Find

Tom Cotter strikes again.

If you aren’t familiar with Tom Cotter’s work and you’re interested in discovering barn find cars, it’s time you get to know the man. He stars in Hargerty’s Barn Find Hunter web series and has written several books on seeking out barn find cars. The video below is actually the first Barn Find Hunter episode, which is a great one, whether you’re familiar with Cotter or not. It involves an epic stash of American muscle cars, to boot.

It’s not much of a shock that a muscle car stash is hidden away in Georgia. The impressive collection seems to have a little of almost everything, including a 1970 Dodge Challenger in Plum Crazy, which is so highly sought after it’s worth way too much to be sitting in a state of disrepair. An AMC Rebel is one of the most unusual of the bunch, being a model you don’t really see that much these days. For anyone who loves American cars, this stash is pretty entertaining.

Aside from the muscle car stash, there’s a great Morris Minor in this video. A right-hand-drive model from Australia/New Zealand, it hasn’t succumbed to rust like so many others. Tom’s even impressed the front leaf springs and the crossmember are in excellent condition, something which usually is a problem and requires a new frame. Considering Cotter raced one of these back in the day, you can tell there’s a special place in his heart for the small British car, even if other people think they’re weird and worthless.

Watching Cotter at work is phenomenal. You can tell the man has been doing this for some time, he has such an ease about finding these old cars tucked away where others might walk right past. He’s completely comfortable navigating yards and sheds of rusted metal, quickly identifying vehicles and deftly analyzing what might be right and wrong with them. It’s truly inspiring.

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