This DeLorean Barn Find Finally Sees Daylight After 32 Years

Feb 4, 2020 2 min read
This DeLorean Barn Find Finally Sees Daylight After 32 Years

The car was parked in the barn back in 1986.

Barn finds seem to be more and more common as people stash away cars for different reasons only to be found decades later. Maybe the owner stowed it for years until the car became a collector item for a nice chunk of change later down the road or maybe it was a late loved one's possession that was parked for years until the family decided to part with it. Whatever the reason, all kinds of different cars are surfacing in barns, garages, and sheds constantly.

A father and son duo stumbled across the iconic car and decided to wake it from its long hibernation. This DeLorean was parked for reasons unknown and has finally seen the light of day after 32 long years. Covered in over three decades of dust, this car is completely original. The owner said that the DeLorean has accumulated between 30,000 to 40,000 miles on the clock before it was parked in 1986, the year on the registration sticker attached to the license plate. The door handle was broken, so they opened it for the first time since 1986 with vice grips to reveal the interior that hasn't been touched since the mid-'80s.

After checking the car out the first time, they returned back a week later with an open trailer to tow their now third DeLorean to its new home. On the day of the rescue, it was raining so the car was given its first wash thanks to Mother Nature as she helped wash off the layers of dust that have accumulated over time.

This DeLorean Barn Find Finally Sees Daylight After 32 Years

Built for the American market, the well-known and highly desired sports car was built by John DeLorean's DMC DeLorean, or DeLorean Motor Company. The car is simply referred to as the DeLorean as it was the only model built by the company through model years 1981 though 1983. While it featured gull-wing doors and panels of brushed stainless steel and a body made of fiberglass, the car was lacking in power and performance. Thanks to the Back to the Future franchise that cast the car as the 88-mph time machine, the car quickly became an icon. Approximately 9,000 DeLoreans were built before production ceased in late December of 1982, and there are about 6,500 still said to exist in a count back in 2007.


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