About 30 Classic, Corroded Jaguars Found In English GreenHouse

Jan 2, 2020 2 min read
About 30 Classic, Corroded Jaguars Found In English GreenHouse

All of these vintage Jaguars require different stages of restoration, but all are planned to be returned to road-worthy condition.

Finding stashed away cars in barn and sheds seem to be an everyday occurrence around the world, but it's not often a whole collection is found rotting under tarps inside a greenhouse. While barn finds are concealed behind walls, a greenhouse is a see-through structure to allows ample amount of light for growing plants. About 30 rusted, classic Jaguars were found inside an English greenhouse, and they've all seen better days.

30 Classic And Corroded Jaguars Found In English GreenHouse

The Jaguars, most of them being E-Types, were discovered in broad daylight sitting under tarps inside the greenhouse, and they've been sitting there for decades. Sure, the cars were covered with tarps to protect it from the elements, but humidity gets trapped inside the plastic coverings which can speed up the deterioration process.

The cars from the 1950s and '60s are covered in rust and are far from gracing any car shows, but the plan is to get these vintage Jags back to road-worthy condition if they can be saved. Beaulieu Garage was asked to help clear out the stash of Jaguars, and they posted that on their Facebook page that an offer has been made. "An offer was made and now I need to work out what to do with a whole lot of rusty metal."

30 Classic And Corroded Jaguars Found In English GreenHouse

While some may fire right up after a few days work, others will need to go under the knife for lengthy restorations to get them back to tip top shape. According to Beaulieu Garage, who shares a facility with a Series 1 E-Type restoration specialists, all of these classic Jaguars will see the road again someday no matter the work involved to get them worthy of the road. The entire lot of vintage Jags is still being documented and cataloged, but they will be getting all the cars ready for new homes.

Source: The Thing


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