Hear How Knight Rider Triggers British Police

Jan 8, 2020 2 min read
Hear How Knight Rider Triggers British Police

Apparently, they didn’t understand KITT was a crime fighter, too.

We all have some crazy car stories, but this one told about an American muscle car by Sam of Hard-Up Garage is particularly good. It involves the man’s lifelong love of Knight Rider and his quest to recreate KITT not only for himself, but also for his son. Before you watch the video, a word of warning: if you don’t know a lot about England and the different car-related laws and terms, it can be easy to get confused and miss the overall story. Try not to get wrapped up in the details too much, because ultimately what happens is pretty funny.

Every car guy’s dream is that his son or daughter will carry on the torch of automotive enthusiasm. That usually comes with the desire for your kids to love the same cars you do, something which doesn’t always work out. Same was fortunate that his youngest became a Knight Rider nut like him, which meant drooling over any 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, especially ones that are black, like KITT.

Of course, the ultimate goal was to make a complete recreation of the television car. That might not seem like a huge deal in America, where we have many Knight Rider KITT reproduction cars and people can be ultra-critical of the details on them. Pontiacs aren’t as common in Britain, so making a copy of the hero car is a little more difficult and requires much more dedication.

The other part of the story that’s great is how Sam was able to outsmart a cop who really was just trying to be a jerk, at least from Sam’s perspective. Pretty much everyone has been there at least once. Maybe you’ve faced the prospect of losing your prized car because of a dumb decision or a cop on a power trip going after a minor indiscretion. Whatever it was, it’s great to hear about someone getting the upper hand in that kind of situation. Sadly, they don’t all end so happily.

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