Peek Into Travis Scott’s Car Philosophy

Feb 29, 2024 3 min read
Peek Into Travis Scott’s Car Philosophy

Take a walk in the rapper’s shoes…

A lot of people wonder what it’s like to be rich and famous with access to the kind of cars the rest of us can only dream of driving. Perhaps that’s why anyone would read the recent interview rapper Travis Scott. Just like his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his child, Kylie Jenner, Scott has an extensive and enviable car collection.

Check out the cars in Travis Scott's garage here.

However, life didn’t always come up roses. Growing up he can distinctly remember when his dad bought a Toyota 4Runner, which he said at the time “felt like a Benz.” Then he said his mom bought a Jeep Cherokee, but when it became the family’s only car it was a tragedy since just about everything broke on it. Instead of that fueling his desire to own really nice vehicles, Scott said it was just a situation in life and nothing more.

photo credit: Instagram

Once he hit it big time in the music industry, Scott bought his first car, a Mercedes G-Class. While it’s an extremely nice ride, the rapper downplayed it in the interview, saying it’s quick and helped him get from one place to another, which is what he really needed. Now, he admits he doesn’t even know offhand how many vehicles he owns.

According to Scott, cars are like sneakers. Yes, that’s right, he views them like you would view shoes. Different ones express a person’s sense of style at the moment, since the man believes “certain cars give off certain auras.”

photo credit: Instagram

Instead of having a car acquisition team or at least a shopping specialist to track down rides he wants to buy, Scott claims he does all the legwork himself. However, he admitted that he has to not disclose his identity or else people will inflate their asking price, so someone else contacts the sellers.

When it comes to keeping his cars clean, Scott has a pretty lackadaisical attitude. Instead of the Swedish dad approach of no food or drink allowed in vehicles, the rapper is hands-off, saying he doesn’t “give a damn” if anyone brings either or wears dirty shoes.

photo credit: Instagram

Scott went on to rail about how some people buy luxury vehicles like his Mercedes G-Wagen and “just sit on ‘em,’ saying he’s “not a fan” of that kind of investment approach. In other words, the man is into actually driving his cars, not keeping them locked up in a garage with a cover over the top, taking the rarest out for a spin once a year or even worse, only transporting them by trailer. He simply doesn’t see the sense in someone buying a car of any vintage and never driving it, then selling it later for a profit.

Now that Travis Scott has an extensive car collection, he admits if he were to buy another it would be “super, super detailed” or in other words he’d be incredibly picky. The man admits there’s a Lamborghini he’d love to own since it “looks like… Batman” but then he discloses it would sell for “like $14 million.”

photo credit: Instagram

Exactly what Lamborghini he’s talking about isn’t specified, but there aren’t too many worth that kind of cash, so feel free to speculate. However, Scott probably isn’t going to buy it since he expressed afterward with that kind of money someone could help make the world a better place instead. He went on to praise Elon Musk for making a car with high “design and innovation” for “20 or 30 thousand – the price of what other people would call a ‘regular’ car.”

To Travis Scott, that kind of accessibility has helped earn respect for Musk since he wants to “help regular civilians” too. At the same time, Scott remarked he would one day buy an electric car if a “cool one” was ever made. Ouch.

Source: L’Officiel

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