Freddie Mercury’s Car Collection Will Rock You

Jul 30, 2023 4 min read
Freddie Mercury’s Car Collection Will Rock You

You might be surprised at what the man preferred to roll around in.

One of the most famous and celebrated rockers of all time, Freddie Mercury as the lead singer of Queen rocked fans around the world. And while you’d expect a rock star like him to have owned some exotic European super cars or something equally flashy, the man’s car collection is actually surprisingly muted and conservative.

Daimler DS420 Limo

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Mercury had a thing for luxurious limousines, in part because the singer didn’t get his driver’s license until well into adulthood. When he first struck it big, he decided to go with this big German limo which happened to be the choice of world leaders around the world at the time, so it was a big flex for the rocker. As you can see, the Daimler was quite stately and traditional in its appearance, which might seem like an odd fit for Mercury.

Lincoln Town Car

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

While the rock singer loved luxury cars, that love wasn’t restricted just to European models. He owned an 80s Lincoln Town Car in all its boxy glory, a vehicle which was right at home on the streets of the Big Apple back in the day. Since he had just moved to the big city, the man was obviously trying to blend in, likely to avoid being hounded by the press and maybe some obsessive fans.

Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn

photo credit: Facebook

One of the most famous cars of Mercury’s collection, this was purchased brand new in 1974 by his publishing managers and used to drive him around. The Rolls-Royce was outfitted with all the latest technologies of the time, including a car phone and cassette deck back when most people were rocking 8-tracks. Any Silver Dawn is an impressive car and the rocker apparently loved this one so much he kept it all the way until he died. It was passed on to his sister and was displayed in the Freddie Mercury Museum in Tanzania plus made appearances at events like the opening of the We Will Rock You musical back in 2002. It was finally auctioned in January of 2013 for a mere £74,00 or about $117,000 USD. Some felt the price was unbelievably low and that the new owner, who reportedly is a Ukrainian Eurovision drag queen, acquired the Rolls for a steal.

Mercedes-Benz 420 SEL

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

This 1986 W126luxury limo was purchased by Mercury brand new and is a Mercedes-Benz fan’s dream since so many consider these second-gen S-Class models to be the best ever made. At the time, the S-Class had suddenly emerged as the sedan for the rich and famous to own, and Mercury was part of that trend.

Range Rover

photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

For many, owning a Range Rover is a sign you’ve arrived financially, maybe because they’re so expensive to keep running since the luxury SUVs are known to break if you look at them wrong. Mercury owned a convertible Range Rover which was later purchased by Queen drummer Roger Taylor. You might wonder what’s the point of a Range Rover without a top, and it’s likely two-fold. One, you get to feel more in touch with nature, like taking the roof and doors off a Jeep Wrangler. Two, you get to show off to everyone on the street that you have the financial might to own and maintain a Range Rover.

Studebaker Champion

image credit: Facebook

Definitely the oddball of this car collection since it’s not a big luxury car, this niche American classic was apparently beloved by Mercury. Some have theorized the rocker loved the unique look of the Studebaker, a thing which has attracted others to the long-gone brand. There’s very little known about how Mercury acquired the Champion or really much else about his ownership of it, but the man did pose for a famous photograph sitting on the front bumper. It should be noted that the Champion was credited for saving Studebaker back in 1950, so maybe the rocker loved that fighting spirit.

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