Young Soldier Honored By Corvette Club

Sep 28, 2023 1 min read
Young Soldier Honored By Corvette Club

See, gearheads do care…

Far too many people who “hate cars” love to say us gearheads only care about cars and somehow hate people. While there are a few crotchety members of the community, by and large automotive enthusiasts are some of the most caring people we’ve known. That explains why we see stories like this young kid heading to bootcamp getting a nice sendoff by a local Corvette club.

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As originally reported by local news station WHP, Kaden Watts was bid farewell in grand fashion by the Cumberland Valley Corvette Club in Pennsylvania as he was about to depart for his Air Force bootcamp. It was a nice gesture nobody, including Watts, expected.

In the story it’s noted Watts has loved Corvettes since a young age, so obviously the man has good taste. That was instilled in him by his grandfather and that’s what we love about this hobby, it helps bond generations together.

Watts joined the Cumberland Valley Corvette Club, the same one his grandfather has been a member of. So as they honored the man headed off to bootcamp they were honoring one of their own. More importantly, they were honoring a young man who has the desire to serve his country by becoming a proud member of the US Air Force.

Now we know there are all kinds of jokes about how Air Force bootcamp involves cleaning keyboards and sitting in armchairs for long periods, but we think it’s great that Watts is joining up instead of just sitting at home playing Call of Duty and making excuses about not moving forward in life.

To see all those older gentlemen show up with their ‘Vettes to send him off, it makes us realize why New Balance has stayed in business all these years. Good luck, Watts!

Image via WHP

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