Classic Car Show Raises Funds For Animal Shelter

Apr 3, 2023 2 min read
Classic Car Show Raises Funds For Animal Shelter

Way to go!

Far too often, car enthusiasts are branded by the ignorant as completely selfish and materialistic when the reality can be quite different. Sure, some of us may be that way, but most of us aren’t. That’s why car clubs and other organizations often raise money for charitable efforts, like a classic car show in Inyokern, California raising money for a local animal shelter.

See what a Ferrari dealer did for charity here.

According to a local news report, over 105 classic cars and motorcycles were displayed, with some participants unable to attend thanks to the record rainfall in the area closing highways. Still, the crowd was big enough that proceeds from the show brought in $4,895 for Ridgecrest Animal Shelter.

That might not seem like an astronomical amount of money, but those who run the shelter most definitely appreciate the support.

"The car show and the people who put it on do an amazing job getting sponsors and bringing people in from outside areas to participate," said Mary Stage, supervisor of the Ridgecrest Animal Shelter.

To help raise money for the animal shelter, the car show, which is an annual event, included a silent auction this time. The proceeds from that also went toward Ridgecrest. Local business owners pitched in as well, making the classic car show a community effort.

So you see, gearheads or car people aren’t just interested in vehicles. Many of us have families, own beloved pets, and care deeply about the places where we live. Too often we hear stories of the bad apples who care more about their ride than anyone or anything else, but they’re more of an exception than the rule. Most enthusiasts love their hobby but know there are other things that are also important. It’s always great when we can use our love of cars to help others.

Source and image: The Daily Independent

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