Vandals Damage Classic Mini Collection

May 9, 2021 2 min read
Vandals Damage Classic Mini Collection

Some people just want to see the world burn…

A family in Northampton, UK had four classic Minis vandalized, cars they feel strong sentimental attachment to. The cars, along with a Metro Rio, were all parked behind the family’s house when they were targeted in early April. Those 3 vandalized Minis are a Mini Cooper, Mini Sky, and Mini Rose. Photos show broken out windows, spray paint on the bodies, busted headlights, a shredded soft top, and dimpled body panels.

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Lest you think these cars were just left in the family’s yard, they were all secured in a garage. The vandals broke in and used a cricket bat with nails driven through it to do at least some of the damage. They know this because the geniuses who did this senseless act of violence left the bat behind.

photo credit: Northampton Chronicle & Echo

The family is so determined to bring the vandals to justice they’re offering a £1,000 reward to anyone who can help track them down. That kind of money should be enough to get a friend, family member, or social media follower to anonymously turn them in, then enjoy some nice luxuries they wouldn’t have otherwise.

photo credit: Northampton Chronicle & Echo

Reportedly, one family member, Anja McCormick, posted on Instagram about the vandalism. However, it seems her account is private, so we can’t share exactly what she told her followers. A local report states she’s the owner of the Mini Sky, which her grandfather bought for her shortly before he died. The report also states that in her Instagram post, McCormick says all 4 vehicles are “beyond the point of repair.”

photo credit: Northampton Chronicle & Echo

We’ve seen some severely damaged vehicles restored. Sure, it takes time, money, and determination to make that happen. We get these people are grieving, but we also hope they don’t haul the Minis off to the scrap heap without considering the possibility they can fix the damage. Or at the very least, they might want to consider selling the cars to someone who is interested in restoring them.

photo credit: Northampton Chronicle & Echo

It’s always shocking and infuriating to see when people vandalize vehicles, even if they’re not something we ourselves would love to own. Whether you’re a fan of Minis or not, the fact someone feels they get to trash a car that’s not their own just for the fun of it is absolutely deplorable.

Source: Northampton Chronicle & Echo

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