Toyota Supra Dodge Charger Hybrid Is A Nightmare

Feb 28, 2021 1 min read
Toyota Supra Dodge Charger Hybrid Is A Nightmare

Better have some eye soap nearby because you’re gonna need it…

There’s an old saying about how misery loves company and it turns out there’s so much truth in the statement. Here’s proof: we ran across this horrendously awful rendering of a mix between a Toyota Supra and Dodge Charger and were so completely and thoroughly disgusted by it we just had to share the assaulting image with all of our readers. You’re welcome.

What do you think of this Barracuda rendering?

For many fans of Japanese sports cars, the Toyota Supra MkIV is one of the most beautiful vehicles out there. Even a lot of people who prefer American and European cars like the look of the fourth-gen Supra. The curvaceous yet muscular lines of the car make it like a flowing piece of art on wheels.

Then there’s the classic Dodge Charger, which looks like it was carved out of a slab of beef or maybe granite. It’s beautiful in its own way that’s pretty much the opposite of the Supra. When you put these two design languages together it’s like wearing pink and orange at the same time.

Included with this violation of all that’s good and holy is some message we think might mean the guy responsible really likes the MkIV Supra and classic Dodge Charger, but that’s partly a guess since it seems to be written in some indecipherable social media speak with copious amounts of emojis and purposely misspelled words.

This rendering is courtesy of the Instagram account carfrontswaps. As the name suggests, the artist will take the front end of another vehicle and slap it on a car, sometimes resulting in something which looks better than the original. In this case the opposite is definitely true. Now, please excuse us while we scrub our eyes out and we suggest you do the same.

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