Toyota Supra Field Find Gets A Second Chance

Feb 23, 2021 2 min read
Toyota Supra Field Find Gets A Second Chance

This Mk IV Supra is a rare and valuable find.

Admit it, you’ve had the fantasy of finding some junkyard Mk IV Toyota Supra and fully restoring it. The idea probably came from when you saw the first Fast and Furious movie, because that was one of the highlights of the film. But you also probably wrote it off as unrealistic as Dom’s Dodge Charger doing a wheelstand at the end. Sadly, someone else lived this fantasy not too long ago.

Think this is bad? Check out this Supra mated with a Dodge Charger!

The guys are MotionAutoTv worked hard for two years to get this dilapidated shell of a 1995 Toyota Supra restored. This car was literally found in a field and as you can see in the beginning was not pretty at all. Thanks to the high prices Mk IV Supras fetch on the market these days, even such a car is completely worth bringing back from the dead.

After all, not only was this Supra a rusting shell, it was pretty much bereft of parts. One can imagine the guys overnighting parts from Japan to build this car back up and take it to Race Wars in short order, or maybe waiting a few weeks for parts to trickle in from wherever they could get them.

Watch A Toyota Supra Go From Field To Amazing

Because this was essentially a clean sheet, it has some unique touches. It now has a 2JZ GTE VVTI with a single Garrett turbo and 6-speed manual transmission, instead of the original 5-speed. Thanks to a Deatschwerks fuel system it is a flex-fuel vehicle and apparently can make 580-wheel-horsepower using E85.

Before you start crying because you missed out on such a rare opportunity, at least know down below there’s a video of the entire process. It’s a way to vicariously experience what everything was like, except with all the effort and up-front investment.

No, you won’t have to sit through hours and hours of guys sandblasting, wrenching, and so forth. Instead, everything is sped up so the entire restoration from complete hunk of junk to finished product takes only 10 minutes.

Wasn’t that a therapeutic video? Maybe you’ll find it inspiring to find a car in a field and bring it back from the dead as well.

Images credit: YouTube

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