Barn Find Hunter Uncovers Rare 1969 Trans Am 400 In Alaska

Dec 26, 2022 2 min read
Barn Find Hunter Uncovers Rare 1969 Trans Am 400 In Alaska

A collection of old school muscle is uncovered in Alaska, and the highlight is the F-Body hiding under a car cover...

A big part of being successful while on the hunt for barn finds is  going to car shows and meeting fellow enthusiasts. After meeting Preston  and his father Terry at a Fairbanks, Alaska car event a little over a  week earlier, Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter decided to pay the duo a visit. The father/son team have  quite the collection of cars to show off, many of which are in original  condition and have not been restored or tampered with.

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Walking up to Preston and Terry’s North Pole, Alaska home, a stunning  collection of restored classics immediately catch the eye but hidden  under covers is a slew of breathtaking vintage cars that are right up the Barn Find Hunter’s alley.

Starting with a 1969 Ford Torino Cobra that was built with an unusual  combination of options, the guys were eager to share their trophies. The  428 car has its original green paint and black interior and was  optioned with factory hood pins, an air conditioner, and an automatic  transmission but didn’t include a tachometer. According to the Marti  Report it was the only one ordered with a clock, a $15.59 option that  made this a one off car.

Also in the collection is a pair of Mustangs, one of which is a 1967  Fastback purchased from the original owner. It is the only one that was  ordered in Candy Apple Red with a 289 C-code V8 and styled wheels. The  other Mustang is a ’65 convertible purchased at the same time from the  same guy.

Not much is known about the car other than it is also a C-code 289  optioned car but features a 3-speed transmission unlike the ’67 which  has a 4-speed. Behind the house, the backyard is a Pontiac graveyard  with many rare cars, some to be used for parts and others awaiting their  time to shine again.

For the finale, Preston shows off a 1969 Trans Am 400 Ram Air IV that  he purchased from Pontiac executive Jim Wanger. Wanger had taken it  back to Pontiac for restoration, so it is not really a barn find, but  that doesn’t stop anyone from being completely awe struck by the  beautiful car. Keeping true to the meaning of the hobby, just as if this  group of guys that just met were old friends, Preston offered Tom the  opportunity to take it on a ride.

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