Texas Teen Steals Camaro, Gets Free Police Ride

Mar 16, 2022 2 min read
Texas Teen Steals Camaro, Gets Free Police Ride

Thankfully, the teenager didn’t really know how to drive the muscle car…

You do the crime and you should do the time – that’s what plenty of people think. That’s especially true of car enthusiasts when it comes to people swiping their beloved rides. It’s an insulting, infuriating, and sometimes very expensive situation, even if you’re not in love with your vehicle. For that reason alone, we like to cover stories like this one where a teenager in Texas stole a Chevy Camaro, but he literally didn’t get away with it.

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According to a local report out of the city of Bryan, 18 year-old Gregory Chambers thought he’d help himself to a stranger’s Camaro. Maybe he was feeling pretty smug as he tooled around in the black American muscle car, but if so that feeling faded pretty quickly.

As Chambers sped off from the scene of the crime, police started following him. That was his first mistake, hot dogging around in a stolen car, especially something that attention-grabbing. Of course cops are going to notice something like that.

Then Chambers made his second mistake: running for it. It’s possible nobody knew the Chevy was stolen except for the man who took it. He might have been able to just drive nice and normal and the police would’ve moved on after running the plates. But nobody has accused car thieves of being smart in general. The guy made a run for it, ensuring the cops would give chase.

And that brings us to Chambers’ third mistake: thinking he’s a good driver. A lot of people think they know how to drive really well because they have big egos or something. One thing a rear-wheel-drive performance car will do is expose your lack of driving skills in a hurry. After Chambers bolted in the Camaro, he hit a trailer being towed by a truck, then careened into an electrical box. Maybe it’s a good thing car thieves don’t really know how to drive.

The teen jumped out of the Camaro and ran for it, realizing he’s more skilled on his feet than behind the wheel. Police set up a perimeter, deployed a drone, and caught him. Now Chambers if facing several charges, including unauthorized use of a vehicle and evading arrest.

Source: KBTX

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