New drivers might not even remember these guys, but they’re back!

For some of us, buying locking gas caps was a distant movie, for some of our kids who are just now starting to drive, this is a new fun thing to worry about, but gas bandits are back like never before. While they come around every time gas hits a new high, it’s just another, exhausting, problem that all people, especially those who drive high-target cars, have to deal with in 2022. And with no solution to the gas crisis in sight, don’t expect them to ease up anytime soon.

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The AAA says to be on the lookout for gas siphoning, as reports about gas theft soar across the country, alongside eye watering prices at the pump. One thing that has changed is the way thieves are stealing gas. During prior surges in gas theft, the traditional way was to stick a hose down into the tank and use a hand pump, or suck it off with their mouth (there’s an image) to get the vacuum pressure to pull the gas back out of the tank. However, automakers have put in screens and other deterrents to make that not so easy. So now what they’re doing is even worse, they’re drilling into the tank to drain it - not only do you lose an expensive tank of gas, your tank will get damaged in the process.

"Now what thieves are doing is they’re actually drilling into the gas tank and letting it flow from the gas tank. This is a costly repair that could cost a vehicle owner a thousand dollars or more to replace that gas tank," said Doug Shupe with American Automobile Association.

Making the situation even worse, you likely won’t even notice until you’re on the road since gas will still be in the lines, filter, injectors, pump, etc. and they might not get all the gas out, so who knows where you’ll end up stranded when the rest of it drains out.

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