Dodge Charger Stolen 8 Hours After It Was Purchased

Sep 1, 2021 1 min read
Dodge Charger Stolen 8 Hours After It Was Purchased

These Mopars are hot!

At about 12:30 am on August 31 in Dearborn, Michigan a man was sitting in the Dodge Charger Scat Pack he had purchased a mere 8 hours before when it was stolen. Three men holding guns with laser sights mounted approached as the car owner was sitting in the area of Kenilworth St. and Ford Rd. while waiting for his friends to arrive. Realizing the suspects meant business, the man handed over the keys and Mopar, thankfully getting away with his life.

A Dodge Challenger with kids inside was crashed recently. See the aftermath here.

After the police were contacted, the Charger Scat Pack was located on Michigan Ave. near Oakman. When officers attempted to stop the muscle car, the suspects decided to make a run for it, reportedly hitting speeds in excess of 110 mph.

The local report from TCD Dearborn News simply states the pursuit was terminated on I-96 in Detroit as officers couldn’t catch the muscle car. Some on social media expressed frustrations that police let the suspects go, however police departments have also been criticized in recent years for allegedly causing serious accidents while engaging in these kinds of high-speed pursuits.

Obviously, sitting in your car late at night makes you an ideal target for thieves. Most people think their car is a secure place, but when it is turned off it makes you a sitting duck. This is especially true at odd hours, since many criminals love to work under the cover of darkness.

All owners of hot Mopar muscle cars need to be aware their vehicle is a prime target. Thieves have been zeroing in on Dodge Hellcats, Scat Packs, etc. for some time. While it’s sad this guy didn’t get to enjoy his new ride for even a full day, he at least didn’t pay for it with his life. Hopefully police catch up to these suspects and justice can be served.

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